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    No Win No Fee Agreement

    If you have been a victim of medical negligence at the NHS, funding your claim might be a concern at this difficult time. As experts in NHS negligence cases, we believe every claimant deserves a chance to seek justice. This is why we offer a No Win No Fee agreement to our clients; through this agreement, everyone can make a claim, even if they do not have the financial capacity to pay the upfront costs for a court case.

    So, you can pursue a claim without having to pay us any fees from your pocket.

    A No Win No Fee or Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have access to proper legal representation without having to pay upfront fees. This also means that you will not pay any fees if your case is unsuccessful. However, if your case is successful, your solicitor will receive the fee for providing legal representation for you. This cost varies from one law firm to another, and is usually recovered from the defendant in your case. You may also have to pay a success fee to your NHS solicitor. This a percentage-based fee that will be deducted from your final compensation award. The amount – which is no more than 25% of your compensation – will be agreed between you and your NHS solicitors at the outset. When determining the success fee amount for a claim, solicitors generally consider:

    • The costs associated with making the claim
    • The potential level of damages
    • The level of risk for pursuing the claim
    • The length of time taken to reach a resolution
  • Prior to the introduction of No Win No Fee agreements, the financial risks associated with making medical negligence claims presented a challenge for patients looking to seek compensation. Through a No Win No Fee agreement, you do not incur any costs, no matter the outcome of your case. You will be getting access to legal advice and representation at no cost, effectively omitting any fears regarding the funding of your claim. A No Win No Fee agreement also gives you the confidence that your solicitor believes your case has a high chance of success since they have agreed to handle it at no cost to you.

  • There is a cooling off period or cancellation period within which you can cancel your No Win No Fee agreement with the Panel Law Firm. If you terminate this agreement outside of this cancellation period, then you may be charged a termination fee by the firm. It is important that you discuss this at the start of your claim so you understand your rights under the No Win No Fee agreement, and can make an informed decision.

  • At NHS Negligence Claim, we work with a panel of specialist solicitors. This means we can find the right NHS solicitor with relevant knowledge and experience to suit your needs. If we believe that you have valid grounds for making an NHS negligence claim, we will provide you with the details of one of our specialist NHS solicitors so they can legally assess your potential claim. Even after providing a legal assessment of your case, you are under no obligation to use the Panel Law Firms we work with, and can use any legal representation of your choice. Our services to you are free of charge. The Panel Law Firms we work with pay us an advertising fee for the advertising services we provide.

  • We understand the impact that a birth injury, surgical error, misdiagnosis, or negligent treatment of any form can have on a patient. Combining in-depth legal knowledge and its application to your case, our No Win No Fee solicitors believe in your right to seek legal support and representation. We care about your wellbeing, and employ a personal approach that takes your personal needs into account. For a free, no obligation call with one of our friendly NHS negligence solicitors, please dial 0800 999 3372 or complete our online claims assessment form.



Negligence can come from many types of medical mistakes.

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    If you have suffered harm as a direct result of the negligent actions or inactions of your healthcare professional, you may be eligible to make a medical negligence claim. You can start by lodging a formal complaint through the NHS complaints procedure while you do not have to use this procedure before starting a claim, it can help you learn about what happened and the steps you can take towards making a claim.

  • Medical negligence claims are varied and complex; this means the compensation award you could receive will depend on your personal circumstances. You are entitled to claim compensation for any expenses you have incurred as a result of the negligent treatment. This could include medical bills, loss of earnings and care costs.

  • Yes. If your family member has passed away whilst receiving medical care at the NHS, you can make a claim on their behalf. In this case, it would be best to seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. Our specialist NHS solicitors will explain this process to you, and represent your interest.

  • Yes. As a general rule, there is a three-year time limit for claimants to start their medical negligence claim. However, there are a few exceptions; children (under 18) and individuals who lack mental capacity to make a claim are exempt from this time limit.

  • The length of time of a medical negligence claim will depend on the nature of the injury sustained. Cases involving adults, for instance, may be resolved quickly, but this is dependent on the nature the of injury. On the other hand, cases involving children may take more time to resolve, even years, particularly if there is a need to assess how they progress as they grow older.

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