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About us

We believe that every victim of medical negligence should have access to quality legal support. This means more than just knowledge and experience; it involves understanding our clients and their wishes as deeply as possible. This is what we are about at nhsnegligenceclaim.com.

If you have suffered an injury and it doesn’t feel right, we are committed to helping you rectify the situation. We achieve this by walking you through the complex NHS negligence claims process and providing a free, no obligation and confidential initial consultation on suing the NHS.

Established in 2015, we are a claims management company with a nationwide network of solicitors who take pride in their ability to understand clients’ needs and apply a personalized approach when it comes to suing the NHS. As medical negligence is a complex area of law, we will assign a specialist solicitor with a strong and proven track record of success in cases similar to yours, who will assist you along the claims process.

How We Work

We work with a panel of specialist NHS negligence solicitors in England and Wales. As a result, we are able to find the right solicitor to fit your needs. Following a free, no obligation consultation, we will provide you with the dedicated details of one of our specialist solicitors if we believe there are valid grounds for suing the NHS. The solicitor assigned to you will carry out a legal assessment of your case to establish NHS negligence.

However, despite the legal assessment we provide for your potential claim, you are under no obligation to instruct the Panel Law Firms we work with. You can still choose a legal representation of your preference.

How We Can Help

We guarantee that our specialist solicitors will handle your case with great care, utmost integrity, and prioritize your best interests. From your initial consultation with us, your case will be handled by an experienced solicitor who will build a strong and undeniable claim on your behalf.

At nhsnegligenceclaim.com, our solicitors work closely with victims of medical negligence to conclude the claims process as quickly as possible. With our nationwide reach, we are able to accelerate the evidence gathering process to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve and can move on with your life.

If you have been injured while under the care of a health professional and are considering suing the NHS, do not hesitate to call us today on 0800 999 3372 or fill our free claims assessment form and we will give you a call at your earliest convenience.

We understand the devastating impact that negligent treatment can have on you; we are here to take the pressure off you. From the word go, we will be upfront and transparent about the NHS claims process so there are no surprises for you. Like many of our clients before you, we will be happy to help you in suing the NHS if you have suffered negligent treatment to secure the recompense you deserve.

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