January 19, 2021

A Guide To Brain Injury Compensation Claim

Our Brain is the most important organ of our body as the whole body functions and is controlled by the commands of our brain. Brain Injuries are severe and can lead to complications if not treated properly by the medical professionals. Such injuries require adequate care during treatment as any unwanted mistake can be a stumbling block in the daily life of a patient and living with such pain throughout life would affect the lifestyle of an individual.

Therefore any sort of carelessness during treatment or effects caused due to medical negligence made by the healthcare providers should not be ignored and you should

It is keep in mind that not all brain injuries are caused by negligent treatment. At times, there are risks involved when someone undergoes a major brain surgery but If you or your ones have sustained a brain injury due to medical misdiagnosis, you are entitled to make a brain injury compensation claim

We the complete process of making brain injury claim but first the term ‘ Brain Injury’

What do you mean by Brain Injury?

Brain is one of the most important segment of the human body. With mass of nerves it controls the functioning of the other organs.

Brain injury means any physical harm to the brain which causes injury. Traumatic Brain Injury and Acquired Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury means an injury caused by external factors for eg: sport or an accident whereas Acquired Brain Injury means the improper functioning of the brain caused by internal factors such as lack of oxygen, blood clotting, etc

Causes of Brain Injury

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (caused by external factors) Acquired Brain Injury (caused by internal factors)
  • Workplace Injuries Blood Clotting
  • Motor Vehicles Accident Raised Intracranial Pressure
  • Sport Injuries Brain Tumors including Cancer
  • Head Trauma Medical Misdiagnosis

The most common effects of Brain Injury

Brain Injuries can affect the physical activities as well as mental abilities of an individual. From thinking, sensations, emotions to walking, sitting and body balance any activity performed by the human body can be impacted.

Brain Injuries usually leads to :

  • Memory Loss
  • Difficulty in processing physical activities
  • Loss of sensation, speech or normal movement
  • Tissue Damage
  • Changes in Body Behavior

With the consultation and help of an experienced and medical negligence solicitor you can secure compensation by making a brain injury claim against your healthcare provider.

Since not all brain injuries are caused due to the negligence of the medical professionals, it is essential to know what type of brain injury made by the NHS or any healthcare provider can lead to a brain injury medical negligence claim.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors

Brain Injury Medical Negligence

Brain Injury Medical Malpractice can be of various kinds. It can be due to misdiagnosis of a condition, errors made during surgery, failure in following the medical standards during the treatment such as facial injuries, bleeding and more.

It is not only the victim who suffers the medical negligence but the impact is faced by the whole family and friend due to its lasting effect. Both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries can be claimed if you reach out to the right team at the right time. For this, get in touch with an expert medical negligence solicitor who has experience in dealing with brain injury claims. After going through the evidence and reports provided by you in support of the brain injury medical negligence, which can prove that your case is directly related to medical negligence which was made by your healthcare provider, your solicitor would guide you throughout the process so that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Why is it important to claim for medical negligence?

Medical help a healthcare provider, you that you no longer have to face the challenges because of the disease or injury you have suffered. You and your family proceed with the medical treatment with a lot of expectations. The treatment and medications related to it aren’t always affordable. Sometimes you go out of your pocket just to get back to a normal life as it is rightly said nothing is more important than your health and fitness. Along with the heavy cost, it takes time in recovery and getting back to a normal lifestyle. But what if your recovery led to side effects or damages which you were unaware of due to the negligence of your healthcare provider and you are not able to get back to your daily routine

It is then, when it becomes important for you to reach out to a professional medical negligence lawyer who can help you in getting you the compensation you deserve for the loss you have suffered. It is true that no amount can the challenges you have faced or the damages that you have suffered but winning a compensation can ease the journey ahead.

Are you eligible for a brain injury compensation claim?

Yes, you are eligible for a brain injury compensation claim if your brain injury occurred due to the negligence made by your healthcare provider. You can make a compensation claim for yourself or on behalf of the victim who has suffered brain injury negligence, if he or she is not in a mental state to make a claim.

The victim and their family deserve the compensation for their illness, loss of income, the severe pain and suffering caused. You may also be in a position to make a claim for the care and assistance following the injury.

The other essential points are :

The standard of treatment given to you by your concerned and qualified doctor was such that no other doctor of the same qualification would have treated you the same way. This is often known as breach of duty.

Causation : Your medical treatment led to the or side effects which were caused by the carelessness of your healthcare provider

If the treatment didn’t follow the standard procedure for which your doctor would be judged against.

The decision making authority i.e the concerned judge in the court observes the facts and evidence provided by you and your medical negligence solicitor and judges the same on the basis of the probabilities. Therefore you and your solicitor should be confident enough about the documents you provide in support of your claim. Rest assured, if you have reached out to an experienced brain injury medical negligence solicitor the chances of you being awarded with the compensation are

How much compensation will you receive?

There is no predefined amount of the compensation that you will receive as it is completely dependent on the kind of damage you have suffered and the evidence which supports those damages. Since every victim has their own suffering The compensation amount depends on various factors including the severeness of the injury, the effect of the injury on your daily life, the loss of income and the cost that you have paid for your treatment.

It is always advisable to opt for a No Win No Fee service so if by any chance or under any circumstances you don’t win your case, you are not charged a legal fee except in some cases.

How to find the right Medical Negligence Solicitor?

process of making a medical negligence claim isn’t easy as it seems to be. It is advisable to find suitable medical negligence solicitor. Always choose the solicitor on the basis of the experience he/she possesses and the type of claims he/she have been handling so far. Chances of winning your case higher when your solicitor has dealt with similar medical negligence cases yours.

Your lawyer should be able to guide you throughout the process and should be able to provide you solutions to your queries and concerns within the shortest time frame possible.

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