October 14, 2021

How Much Is Compensation For Brain Injury?

The brain is a delicate part of the body and must be treated with care, but sometimes mistakes happen. When the negligence of a doctor leads to brain injury, the consequences can be devastating for patients and compensation is available for their pain and suffering.

The amount of compensation payouts for a brain injury or head injury is fully listed in the Judicial College Guidelines. Compensation amount for severe damages is over £379,100, but minor or less fatal brain damage is between £14,380 or more. Our brain injury compensation lawyer can help you with making a claim today.

What Is Considered A Brain Injury?

Brain Injuries can range from the most fatal complications where a victim's brain is completely damaged and requires long term care and medical emergencies to more delicate or minor injuries where victims may look well but continue to suffer from the aftermath of the traumatic experience.

Can hitting your head with your hand cause brain damage? No, minor hits won't cause brain damage or qualify you for brain injury compensation. In any brain injury claim it is important to note that even the most delicate difficulties and complications of the brain injury are thoroughly assessed and considered.

Types Of Brain Injuries

Medical doctors and surgeons can cause complications that lead to different types of brain damages due to their negligent care. These types of injuries are acquired brain injuries that were not inherited. They can be traumatic or non-traumatic brain injuries.

1. Traumatic Brain Injury.

A Traumatic brain injury is damage to the brain caused by external forces such as shaking, penetration of objects or a hit to the head. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the actions of a doctor during delivery, you may be able to claim compensation on behalf of your child.

Tryout our child injury compensation calculator to know how much your claim may be worth. Patients who suffer concussion can be a subtle type of traumatic brain injury. However, most types of traumatic brain injuries involve heavy bleeding, or uncontrolled hemorrhage within the brain. Some examples of traumatic brain injuries include Hematoma, stroke, edema, skull fracture and concussion which is the most common.

2. Non-traumatic brain injury.

Non-traumatic brain damage can be caused by factors from within such as Infections, tumors, or insufficient oxygen to the brain during procedures. Types of non-traumatic brain injuries are cerebral hypoxic and anoxic brain injury, resulting from decrease or lack of oxygen supply to the brain which may result in permanent brain damage.

However, the degree of harm largely depends on the amount of time the brain was devoid of oxygen. Common causes of non-traumatic brain damage result from medication errors or when a doctor misses a patient’s haemorrhage or tumor.

Common Medical Mistakes That Lead To Brain injuries

Even slight injuries done to the brain can lead to temporary problems and victims may claim minor brain injury compensation. Anyone suffering from severe brain damage due to negligence can have a good chance at life again.

If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault or experienced brain damage after fall, slip and fall, head injury settlements may be the only chance to cover current or future medical expenses. The common types of brain injuries caused by medical negligence may result from:

  • Misdiagnosis Of Stroke.
  • Birth injuries.
  • Anesthesia Error.
  • Untreated Brain Infections.
  • Heart Attack Misdiagnosis.
  • Medication Errors.
  • Permitting Jaundice In A Newborn.

What Are Brain Injury Compensation Claims?

Brain injury claims are lawsuits filed against negligent individuals for causing avoidable injuries to your brain, resulting in long term consequences. It may be as a result of a road accident, a brain injury you suffered during treatment, or an accident that happened at your workplace or on public property.

Depending on how severe you brain injury is, you may be compensated for pain, loss, rehabilitation and future therapy costs. Head injuries claims through medical negligence happens when a doctor or surgeon fails to follow the right procedure which results in more complications.

If a friend or a family member sustained a head injury after a car accident and their condition was made worse by the negligent care of a medical professional, you may qualify for brain injury compensation. A typical medical claim for brain damage where the injury is severe, may include compensation claims for the following:

  • Compensation For Pain & Suffering.
  • Compensation For Future Medical Expenses.
  • Compensation For Travel Expenses.
  • Compensation For Loss Of Amenity.
  • Compensation For Specialist Medical Treatments.
  • Compensation For Permanent Disability.

Why Make Brain Injury Claims?

Medical negligence may result in brain injury or damage if a medical professional fails to properly diagnose or delays the diagnosis of head injury. If you have been affected, you may be entitled to get compensation for head injury claims.

The purpose of the head injury compensation award is to compensate you for the suffering. The following may be considered as gp negligence in brain injury nhs claims:

  • Avoidable stroke: If a medical professional or surgeon fails to correctly recognise symptoms.
  • Delay in treatment or diagnosis of brain tumours.
  • Omitting a skull fracture after a head injury.
  • Omitting the signs of bleeding on the brain.
  • Failure to identify infection.
  • Mismanagement of surgery.
  • Brain Injuries to newborns caused by the lack of oxygen during delivery.

How Much Is Compensation For Brain Injury?

Can I calculate my compensation claim myself? That's one question people ask. Several factors affect the final compensation award a victim may receive. The amount awarded depends on the severity of the damage. For instance a concussion claim amount uk may attract less compensation than severe brain damage to a child due to negligence.

How much is my personal injury case worth? The average payout for head injury and mild brain injury settlements vary. Typical injury claim payouts often depend on the severity of damage done to the victim.

Consequently, road accident fund payouts for head injuries depend on the severity or types of open head injury a victim sustained. You could get an estimate for concussion car accident settlement using personal injury calculator uk. Contact our expert team or use the nhs compensation calculator to have an estimate of how much your claim may be worth.

Brain Or Head Injury Compensation Payouts

Brain Injury Compensation Settlements
Severe Brain Or Head Injuries Between £264,650 To £379,100
Moderate Brain Damage Between £205,580 To £264,650
Less Severe Brain Injury Between £14,380 to £40,410
Minor Brain Or Head Injuries Between £2,070 to £11,980
Moderate Brain Injury Between £40,410 to £205,580
Mental Distress Within £4,380
Less Severe Psychiatrist Damage Between £1,440 to £5,500

Is There A Time Limit For Brain Injury Compensation Claims?

As with most negligence claims, you have up to 3 years to make a brain injury claim, from the date the brain injury happened or the date you became aware. If you are filing a compensation claim on behalf of a child, you'll have until their 18th birthday to start the brain injury claim. Another exception for time limits is for victims who suffered serious brain damage that affected their mental capability. Time Limits may not apply as they may not be able to make a claim on their own.

Steps To Making Brain Injury Compensation Claims

When taking legal action to make injury compensation claims in the UK, it is important to choose a brain injury medical negligence solicitor who is knowledgeable in dealing with brain injury compensation claims. It is worth finding medical negligence claims experts especially when suing the nhs or private doctors. Suing for medical negligence caused by brain injury? Follow the steps below to begin your claim.

  • Find An Experienced Solicitor.
  • Initial Claim Assessment.
  • Letter of Claim.
  • Collecting Evidence.
  • Admitting Liability By Defendant.
  • Instructing Medical Experts.
  • Valuing Your Claim.
  • Negotiating Maximum Settlement.
  • Start Court Proceedings If Resolution Is Not Reached.

Why Choose Our Head & Brain Injury Solicitors?

We are expert legal advisors. Brain injury claims are complex in nature and will require experts to bring your claim for compensation. Not all brain injury solicitors can handle this delicate personal injury claim professionally.

At NHSNegligenceClaim, our solicitors are very experienced in handling personal injury medical claims involving brain injury.

Our head and brain injury solicitors are experts in getting the maximum compensation you need if you have been injured where another person was at fault.

We can take on your brain injury claims based on no win no fee agreement if you are eligible. If you wish to discuss your claim with us, please call 0800 999 3372.

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