March 09, 2021

Death Occur Due to Medical Negligence

When it comes to suffering from negligence from a medical professional no one should suffer from the pain of losing a loved one due to the actions of someone else. If a member of your family has sadly passed away due to Medical Negligence contact us today for your Free Claim Assessment with one of our legal experts.

What counts as Medical Neglect?

Medical Neglect is when a patient has received a substandard level of care from a medical professional. As a result of the neglect either an injury has to occur or a pre-existing condition has to worsen as a direct impact of the actions for it to be deemed negligence. These injuries can either be minor, mild, severe, or fatal depending on the type of Medical Negligence someone may have suffered from.

In order to bring forward a claim for neglect a victim must be able to prove the following 3 things:

  • The victim was owed a duty of care from the medical professional.
  • There has been an identifiable breach of duty by the medical professional.
  • This has led to the victim either suffering from an injury, or a pre-existing condition has worsened.

When speaking with our Medical Negligence Experts you will be asked to outline these 3 things and after doing so you will have made the first steps in claiming the compensation you deserve. To start your claim today simply contact 0800 999 3372 and our advisors are more than happy to assist you today.

What type of neglect can lead to death?

All types of neglect can lead to someone sadly passing away. Whether it being a minor injury not being treated correctly or a deadly condition being diagnosed too late, there are a wide range of ways neglect can result in a fatality. Here are a few examples of negligence cases that can lead to someone losing their life.


When someone is suffering from an injury, a Doctor is supposed to be the professional you seek advice from to help correctly diagnose and treat the condition you suffer from, but what happens if they get it wrong? For some a misdiagnosis will only result in a delay in treatment however for others the results of this could become deadly. Common misdiagnosis cases that have led to death are Cancer or Heart Conditions being misdiagnosed. A delay in treatment from a Medical Misdiagnosis can prevent the correct treatment being able to be implemented as a condition can worsen past the point of recovery and is noticeable if someone’s health is deteriorating at a rapid rate.

Medication Negligence

If an incorrect medication is prescribed to someone this may be a fatal occurrence. With there being many different types of medications, a lot can cause different reactions. It may just be a rash and itchiness for some, but for others, the reactions can cause the airways to close over or damage to internal organs of someone who has pre-existing conditions which prevent specific types of from functioning correctly medication. It doesn’t have to be a type of medication that is deadly but can sometimes be the dosage of the medication.

For example, someone who has to intake opioid based pain relief such as Morphine will require regular monitoring and reviews of medication as the slightest increase for some can cause drastic changes. Being over prescribed specific medications is deemed as medical negligence and can be deadly. If you know of someone that this may have occurred to, it is best to contact us as soon as possible as we may be able to assist you in suing the NHS so you may claim the compensation you deserve.

Surgical Negligence

The lead up to surgeries can be the most stressful and anxiety-filled times for a person which can be seen in a lot of people in preparation to the surgery day. This should not be amongst the last memories you have of a loved one. Surgical procedures are supposed to be here to help someone correct an issue with their body however for many it can be the cause for them to sadly pass away. A number of failures can cause someone to pass on the operation table whether it be significant blood loos, a perforation of a major organ, Brain Injury Medical Negligence under brain surgery, or a multitude of other potential mistakes resulting in a fatality.

Even something as minor as a postoperative infection can turn into a deadly affair as if an infection is not treated accordingly it can become septic, spread across the body and fatal to those who are unfortunate. If a family member has not made it out of the operating theatre due to a lack of care then you should consider Suing a Hospital Medical Negligence.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors

Childbirth Negligence

The birth of a child is meant to be a momentous occasion in the life of a human but when preparing to welcome a new life into a world there are multiple ways professionals can fail either the Mother and/or the baby result in a fatality. If a baby is not correctly monitored throughout the pregnancy or there are failings during the birth, it may lead to the baby’s life sadly ending before it has even begun.

As for mothers it was a once common occurrence that they would pass away during childbirth, but nowadays this has become a very rare occurrence. Nevertheless it can sometimes happen whether it be due to an infection left untreated or significant blood loss. If you know of anyone who has suffered from Medical Negligence during Childbirth, contact us today to receive free advice about your potential claim.

If you of a family member who may have sadly passed away due to the examples that we have mentioned, above or any other forms or neglect from of Medical practitioner, and are wanting to bring forward a Medical Negligence Claim, then contact us today on 0800 999 3372 or submit an online enquiry and we can help you get the compensation you deserve today.

Who can make a claim for neglect resulting in a death?

If you are a ‘dependent’ of the individual who has died and are acting on behalf of their estate, you may file a lawsuit for medical negligence resulting in death. The following is list of dependents:

  • Next of Kin
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Civil Partner
  • Close Family (Aunt, Uncle, cousin, etc)

Furthermore, if your loved one had a will, the appointed executor/executrix will be able to file a medical negligence lawsuit on behalf of the estate for the wrongful care your loved one received prior to death.

Claiming liability for medical malpractice that resulted in the death of a loved one can be complicated legally. This should not deter you; our Medical Negligence Solicitors are experienced in handling a wide range of enquiries and understand what is needed to make sure your claim is successful.

How much does it cost to bring forward a claim?

The solicitors we work with all operate on a No Win No Fee basis so there is no cost whatsoever to get a claim underway. The only time you would ever pay a fee is if your claim is successful, If a claim is successful our solicitors can deduct up to 25% of winnings as payment and it is capped at that. However, our solicitors do not always take that 25%.

Our solicitors will carry out an independent risk assessment on the case and this will determine how much of the percentage of winnings they will deduct for their costs. This will assess how much risk comes with the Medical Negligence Claim you are bringing forward and how much resources a solicitor is required to use to complete the case. The riskier the case the more of the 25% will be deducted. Start your No Win No Fee Medical Negligence claim today by getting in touch.

Why should I Claim?

When bringing forward a medical negligence claim in the UK claim there can be a vast number of reasons as to why you would claim.

Firstly, it can be a lifeline if you are currently unable to function or if your family has lost its primary income provider. When a loved one passes away, the payout you receive will give you the breathing room you need to begin restoring your lives.

Secondly, it will assist you in beginning to prepare for the future. You may be concerned about how you can take care of your family if you have dependents. The only way to safeguard your family’s future is to seek compensation. Those who are negligent can expect suing for medical negligence, as you have the right to justice.

Thirdly, it can make the difference as to whether it occurs to someone, else as it can highlight their failings which have resulted in someone to sadly pass and prevent it from recurring.

Contact us today on 0800 999 3372 or submit an online enquiry for your No Obligation Claim Assessment and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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