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October 27, 2022

Hull Royal Infirmary Urge People With Non Urgent Issues To Avoid A&E

In a statement last Thursday, the Hull Royal Infirmary said it had seen very high numbers of people attending the department, resulting in increased waiting time and therefore urged people to use alternative services such as urgent treatment centres.

Staff said that would enable them to give focus to patients who were critically ill or seriously injured.

Professor Makani Purva, Chief medical officer at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said the issues could be seen at both entry and exit points.

She said: "I've been in the NHS for over 20 years and I've never seen a situation like what we're facing today. Normally, we'd have such pressures only in December and January, peak Winter."

She added that the demands on hospital care are very high as large numbers of people are coming in for walk-in care, many coming in requiring admission and also a high number of people who despite being ready to be discharged are not able to leave until the right community support is in place.

Professor Purva said the trust was working with NHS and the local authority to create extra capacity. She also said that the trust was also reviewing non-urgent activities taking place and if redeployment of staff can help ease the pressure.

She also added that staff were doing "a great job" but added the community could help by using alternatives to A&E.

In her words; "Not only will this be quicker and usually more convenient for them, it will also be a huge support to our emergency care staff, ward staff and partners in the ambulance service right now."

How Do We Help With Hospital Claims?

Each patient is owed a duty of care by his or her healthcare providers and so should receive the right standard of care as anything short could put the life of the individual in jeopardy.

Several individuals have suffered injury, trauma and complications as a result of hospital negligence. In other cases, the individual has unfortunately died.

Relatives can however make hospital claims on behalf of their suffering loved one if they are victims of hospital negligence.

Our medical negligence solicitors are experts in hospital claims and having helped several clients over the years with their claims and winning them appropriate compensation amounts have the required expertise to handle your claims.

Our hospital negligence claims are handled on a no win no fee basis which means you do not have a problem of finance since you do not have to pay before we can undertake your claims.

Additionally, we take an insurance cover for you to protect you from any financial implications whatsoever- for instance if the claim is not successful. This however rarely happens as our success record is enviable.

You do not have to suffer unnecessarily without having something to hold on to after the negligence of your doctor. Making compensation claims and winning a deserved compensation amount, makes life a lot easier for you and your family going forward.

There is a limited time for making claims; so we advise that you make up your mind to begin your claims as soon as possible. You can speak to one of our specialist solicitors via our helplines to discuss your claims.

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