March 25, 2021

NHS Compensation and Suing the NHS: A Guide

NHS Compensation and Suing the NHS is what our medical negligence solicitors specialise in. We understand that making an NHS compensation claim by suing the NHS can be a difficult decision for patients. However, the NHS must be held to account when it lets patients down. Medical mistakes should not happen, but when they do, suing the NHS is often the only way for patients to obtain justice.

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What are the Reasons for NHS Compensation and Suing the NHS?

NHS Compensation and suing the NHS results from medical negligence by an NHS medical professional. It is never acceptable for the treatment you receive you be negligent. However, sadly, negligence in the NHS happens every day. There are thousands of victims of serious negligence every single year. This simply can’t go on.

Some of the reasons our NHS compensation solicitors have seen for suing the NHS relate to completely avoidable mistakes. The most common reasons for suing the NHS relate to:

It is regularly reported that the NHS is under increasing strain. This is because we are all living longer due to medical advances. However, the NHS also have serious staff shortages. It was recently reported that NHS hospitals, medical centres and helplines are dangerously understaffed.

The NHS must ensure that patient safety is always protected. It must recruit and train enough staff to look after the care needs of the country. If they don’t, medical mistakes will happen and NHS compensation and suing the NHS will increase.

If you or a loved one has suffered from unnecessary pain and suffering due to NHS negligence contact one of our solicitors today for a free assessment of your claim.

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Preventing NHS Compensation and Suing the NHS

The NHS can avoid patients taking legal action against it very easily. They simply have to provide an acceptable level of care to patients. It is vital to remember that suing the NHS relates to a medical professionals negligence. Negligence is never acceptable, there is no excuse for it.

Some of the most common causes of NHS negligence are:

  • Human Error of A Medical Professional
  • Failure to Properly Examine Patients
  • Poor Communication between NHS Departments
  • Being Understaffed.

If the NHS wants to prevent increased incidents of suing the NHS it must ensure that its staff follow the procedures that are provided to them. If is a terrible fact that it is not only the disjointed nature of the NHS that causes medical mistakes. Sadly, it is also the people in the NHS that makes mistakes. However, these mistakes can be prevented, medical staff just need to provide an acceptable standard of care

Our Solicitors are experts in NHS compensation claim and suing the NHS. You can contact them today by completing our quick Free Claim Assessment or call us on 0800 999 3372

Why To Sue the NHS?

Suing the NHS is often the only way you will receive justice for your pain and suffering. Making a legal claim against the NHS means that you have been seriously let down by your medical providers.

The NHS needs to be held to account when it makes a mistake. If they let patients down, an apology will often resolve the situation. However, when you have suffered avoidable pain and financial distress because of a medical mistake, NHS compensation is needed.

Our clients often have nowhere else to turn to. The NHS does not provide proper answers to their questions, and without speaking to a solicitor, an offer of compensation will never be made. We will be in your corner, fighting your case. Our solicitors will provide you with all the support you need during your claim. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Our solicitors often find that NHS guidelines will change following victims suing the NHS. If the medical mistakes that were made are identified and investigated, improvements can be made. These can be implemented easily to avoid further medical mistakes being inflicted on patients.

It is also important that you are able to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. At the very least, you may incurred additional expenses and costs for extra care due to the injury. You may have had to take time of work, or give up your job altogether. In these circumstances, it is only fair that you as the victim are able to receive the correct amount of compensation for your suffering.

No Win No Fee NHS Compensation Claims

Our medical negligence solicitors will represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. There is no cost to you if the claim is unsuccessful. You will obtain the maximum compensation available to you.

Our solicitors will also discuss any other options that are available regarding you case.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

NHS compensation claims attract varying amounts of compensation. The amount of compensation awarded will depend on the extent of your injury of your case. It will also depend on the financial effect the harm has caused you.

Our solicitors will be able to guide you through the levels of compensation available based on your own circumstances. Contact them today for a Free Case Assessment.

Our Expertise in Suing The NHS?

Our medical negligence claims solicitors have decades of experience in suing the NHS. They specialise in this area of law and are quite simply experts in the area. Not only are our NHS negligence solicitors experts in this area, they will also provide you with support and kindness in your time of need.

We understand that our clients’ are going through one of the most distressing times of your life. We are not here simply as lawyers, we are here to help you get through by achieving the justice you deserve

Our NHS compensation claims solicitors will provide you with the expert service you expect from your medical negligence lawyer. But they are also friendly, approachable and put customer service at the heart of everything they do for their clients.

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