September 14, 2020

NHS Negligence Claim Solicitors A Guide

NHS negligence happens when a healthcare provider – a doctor, nurse, surgeon or medical institution – provides care that falls below the acceptable standard. If you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of NHS negligence, you may be entitled to an NHS claim. Our NHS negligence solicitors in Liverpool offer specialist advice and support across a range of NHS negligence cases, to help our clients secure the maximum compensation they deserve.

How Do I Know if I Have Been an NHS Negligence Victim?

NHS Compensation and suing the NHS results from medical negligence by an NHS medical professional. It is never acceptable for the treatment you receive you be negligent. However, sadly, negligence in the NHS happens every day. There are thousands of victims of serious negligence every single year. This simply can’t go on.

Your healthcare provider will likely not be forthcoming when it comes to accepting responsibility for the injury or illness you have suffered. So, patients or their loved ones will have to take on this responsibility; they need to understand what happened and whether it falls below the acceptable standard of care. If the patient feels something went wrong with the medical care of the patient’s family observed something that has given them concern, it is at this point the patient and family should record the event, in case there is an injury.

Claims against the NHS are among the most complex legal procedures. As a result, it is important that you seek specialist advice and representation for NHS negligence claims in Liverpool. Finding the right solicitor is probably the most important part of an NHS claim process, and our nationwide network and reputation will give you the peace of mind you are getting the support you need and deserve.

When you get in touch with us, we will arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the details of your case. This period is vital as it helps us gather information and supporting evidence to enhance your chances of success; doing this alone can be a challenging and arduous process. So, if you are based in Liverpool or surrounding areas and are considering a claim against the NHS, do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can determine if you have valid grounds for an NHS claim.

Choosing the Best NHS Negligence Solicitors

As noted above, choosing the right NHS negligence solicitor is crucial for your claim. In some cases, the difference between success and failure lies in the quality of the NHS negligence solicitor. Having a specialist solicitor who is experienced in handling cases like yours can improve your chance of a successful claim and better NHS compensation.

Here are two of the most important things to look out for when choosing a solicitor:

  • Have they handled similar claims in the past?
  • Type of claim. Are they focused on claims like yours, or handle a wide range of claim types?

What NHS Negligence Claims Can Handle?

At nhsnegligenceclaim.com, the NHS negligence claims we handle include a wide range of cases involving healthcare providers who have breached their duty of care towards a patient. We work with a panel of specialist NHS negligence solicitors who possess the skills, knowledge and experience to help victims of negligent treatment.

Examples of NHS negligence claims we handle include:

GP Negligence Claims

If you believe that your GP lawyer or doctor has acted negligently during your treatment, our solicitors can help you. GPs are generally expected to manage the daily needs of patients and refer them to specialist medical practitioners for specific needs. However, they may fail to identify a symptom, incorrectly diagnose a patient or even refer the patient to a wrong specialist. Any of these actions can be classed as negligent treatment. If it has caused you an injury or illness or worsened your medical condition, you may be entitled to a claim.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors

Dental Negligence Claims

Examples of dental negligence include misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, incorrect diagnosis, nerve injury, cosmetic related problems and errors in treatment leading to tooth loss. If you have been a victim of negligent treatment at the hands of a dental professional, you may be entitled to a claim.

Hospital Negligence Claims

These claims can be made against institutions such as the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, the Spire Liverpool Hospital, the Broadgreen Hospital, and other main hospitals in Liverpool. Our panel of solicitors cover a wide range of claims against the Hospital in the Liverpool area, and across the UK.

Birth Injury Negligence Claims

Birth injury claims can be made for both injuries sustained by mother or child; it may have occurred during pregnancy, labour, birth, or even after delivery. Examples of birth injuries include cerebral palsy, stillbirth, and brain damage. If you or your child have suffered a birth injury due to negligent treatment by a medical professional at the NHS, you may be able to make an NHS compensation claim.

Cancer Negligence Claims

Failing to promptly diagnose and treat cancer can have devastating consequences. If your health professional has failed to refer you to a specialist despite your distinct symptoms, you may be entitled to a claim. You may also be able to make an NHS claim if your doctor failed to fully investigate your symptom, delayed the diagnosis, or delivered the wrong diagnosis.

Specialist Representation

With experience in winning NHS negligence claims, you can count on us, no matter how complex your case may be. After contacting us on 0800 999 3372, we will arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly NHS negligence solicitors. We will ensure you speak with a solicitor from the word go so we can discuss details of your case and analyze evidence supporting your potential claim.

If we believe you have grounds to make an NHS negligence claim and there is a reasonable chance of success, we will offer to handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Making an NHS claim through a No Win No Fee agreement means that you do not have to pay any upfront legal fees before starting the claim. So, if the claim is unsuccessful, you incur no financial risk. If you win, you will be required to pay a success fee (maximum 25% of your compensation) to your solicitor.

In addition to our skill-set and experience, this quality of service makes us stand out from many NHS solicitors in the UK. Our ultimate goal is to provide you the very best legal advice and representation to secure the maximum compensation possible.

Give us a call today on 0800 999 3372 or fill out our claims assessment form and we will get back to you at your earliest convenience. No matter your preference, we will help determine whether we can help you make a claim and if so, one of our experienced solicitors will be happy to fight until you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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