October 19, 2021

How Much Is A Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit Worth?

Spinal cord injury lawsuits are complex in nature and need extensive investigation by an experienced spinal cord injury solicitor. In the UK, an average of six persons are reported to experience paralysis from spinal injury every day.

We understand the long term effect of a spinal cord injury on injured victims and their entire family and can provide legal support. If you or a relative has recently suffered a spinal cord injury, it could affect you for the rest of your lives.

The final amount of compensation you receive from a spinal injury lawsuit settlement will depend on the severity of the injury.

  • In moderate spinal cord injury claims, a claimant could receive between £30,000 and £160,000.
  • On the other hand, in moderately severe spinal injury claim uk, a victim could be awarded compensation between £160,000 and £240,000.
  • In most severe spinal cord injury claims, a claimant could receive between £240,000 and £320,000.

What Is Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury is a severe damage or trauma to the spinal cord which can have a long term impact on victims. The spinal cord is responsible for sending signals from the brain to other parts of the body. If it is damaged in any way, it can lead to temporary or long term complications. Damage to any part of nerves at the end of the spine requires a medical diagnosis and medical professionals must ensure nothing goes wrong.

Why Make Spinal Injury Claims?

Spinal injury compensation claims can help victims get back on track. Compensation enables you to recover financial expenses and gives you access to future treatment costs or ongoing therapy. It could help victims rebuild their lives and recover quickly.

If you or a family member have suffered from a spinal injury, claiming compensation can help you get back on your feet. The final amount of compensation you receive from a spinal injury lawsuit settlement will depend on some factors such as:

  • Medical Costs.
  • Travel Costs.
  • Physical & Emotional Trauma.
  • Cost Of Medical Equipment.
  • Cost For Ongoing Treatment.
  • Loss Of Current & Future Wages.

How Do Spinal Cord Injuries Occur?

The consequences of spinal injuries can have a serious effect on the lives of victims. These effects can be physical or mental and often vary from case to case, and can be especially devastating if it spreads higher to the upper part of the body and causes paralysis. Other effects of spinal injuries include depression, imaginary pains, loss of bladder control, loss of body temperature control, muscle spasms, pressure injuries and bowel control.

Spinal injuries can be very painful and in worse cases affect your mobility. It can have a negative impact on your physical or mental wellbeing. Common ways injuries can occur include:

  • Medical Negligence.

    Injury to the spinal cord can sometimes result from medical negligence, when a doctor or healthcare provider fails to provide proper medical care. An NHS claim for spinal injury can be the fault of an NHS doctor, surgeon or other medical staff. A surgery can go wrong or misdiagnosis can occur during treatment by a medical professional which causes damage to the spine.

    Medical professionals have a duty to care for patients but sometimes unexpected medical mistakes can lead to medical negligence claims. If you or a friend has suffered a medical negligence spinal cord injury, then you can sue the medical doctor or surgeon.

  • Slip, Trip Or Fall.

    All slip and fall do not result in spinal injury compensation unless it happened as a result of someone else's negligence or carelessness. A spinal cord injury caused by fall may be found in older people over the age 65 is most often caused by a fall.

  • Workplace Accidents.

    Suffering a spinal injury at your place of work is unimaginable especially if it wasn't entirely your fault. It can be so serious that the victim may require to go through surgery. Back injury compensation examples uk that occur at the workplace can be seen in work activities such as carrying heavy objects that stain your back, lowering, lifting and twisting. These can easily lead to spinal cord injuries.

    Workers affected by spinal injury can get compensation awards or benefits for work-related back/neck injuries for cost of treatment, loss of mobility benefits, pain, suffering, rehabilitation or loss of income because you were unable to go back to work etc.

  • Road Traffic Accidents.

    Accidents are the leading cause of injury, even spinal cord injuries. They may lead to different back or neck pain such as broken bones, spinal damage etc. Severe spinal accidents resulting from a person's carelessness may lead to unnecessary back injury compensation payouts UK to cover recovery expenses.

Common Types Of Spinal Injuries

The spine connects to almost all parts of the body, especially the brain. Any harm to the spinal cord can be very serious because it may cause loss of control to other body functional parts. The common types of spinal injuries can have life changing impact on victims as it can lead to issues with mobility. These may include:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocation
  • Back Injuries
  • Paraplegia: In this type of spinal injury, loss of mobility occurs in the bottom half of the body
  • Neck Injuries
  • Quadriplegia: This type of spinal injury affects all 4 limbs leading to paralysis
Spinal cord injuries can cause some symptoms in the victim, such as:
  • Loss of Mobility
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Extreme Back Or Neck Pain
  • Loss Of Sensation Or Touch
  • Spasms
  • Weakness & Numbness On Some Parts Of The Body
  • Intense Pain Due To Nerve Fibers Damage In The Spinal Cord

How Much Compensation Could You Receive For Spinal Injury Compensation?

The amount of compensation payouts you are awarded varies from case to case, and it is difficult to the exact amount you could receive for your spinal cord injury settlement uk, until we review your unique case. For instance, victims of back injury compensation claim amounts, back injury compensation, spinal stenosis car accident settlement or lumbar spine injury compensation will individually receive different rewards depending on the extent of damage.

However, you need not worry about the claim calculator as your chosen spinal cord injury solicitor will help determine the maximum compensation you deserve.

Spinal Injury compensation can cover lost finances due to job loss, travel costs and medical expenses such as rehabilitation or therapy. Spinal injury claims can be very complex. Sometimes it takes a lengthy process for claims to be resolved.

Usually an experienced spinal injury claims solicitor can fight for a temporary payment of compensation to help fund expenses. This is an interim amount you may receive to cover other urgent needs before the final compensation is awarded.

Medical Negligence: Starting A Spinal Injury Lawsuit.

A spinal injury caused by medical negligence can turn your world upside down but taking legal action can help you rebuild your life. Spinal injury claims that result from medical negligence can arise from medical errors by surgeons, doctors or other medical professionals. It can occur during surgical procedures, a routine procedure, during a missed or delayed diagnosis or when they do not give consent before treatment.

  • Find Out If You Can Claim

    If you have decided to begin a spinal injury claim, first seek legal advice from our accident claims or nhs negligence solicitors. As with other types of personal injury claims, spinal injury compensation claims require evidence and will need to be proven. Any evidence that can be used to establish pain and suffering or the emotional or physical damage you experienced can be valuable.

  • Making A Claim On Behalf Of A Loved One

    It is hard to see a loved one go through a painful moment, you can help them get justice if they are unable to make a claim themselves. If a loved one has faced a devastating spinal injury due to medical negligence or accident, then you may be able to make a spinal injury claim with us on their behalf. You could fight for compensation by making a claim as a litigation friend. Contact our solicitors to start your claim for spinal injury today.

Stages To Making A Spinal Injury Compensation Claim

  • Initial Contact.
  • Letter of Claim.
  • Gathering Evidence.
  • Establishing Liability.
  • Admitting Liability.
  • Obtaining Expert Opinion.
  • Valuing Financial Losses.
  • Negotiating Settlement.
  • Acceptance/Denial Of Liability.
  • Going To Court.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Spinal Injury Claims

One thing claimants worry about when making a claim is funding. No Win No Fee medical negligence claim is a conditional fee agreement where you do not have to pay legal costs upfront.

Suing for medical negligence on a conditional fee basis to claim compensation for spinal injury will require no win no fee medical negligence, spinal injury solicitors. You need an expert solicitor spinal injury solicitor who can ensure that the proper legal action is taken concerning your individual claim.

A no win no fee spinal injury solicitor can help you secure maximum compensation. He will carry out a thorough investigation and make site nothing is left out from all you ate entitled to claim.

Why Choose Us?

We understand how painful and devastating this can be for you and your family and are willing to help you get maximum compensation to aid speedy recovery.

We will work closely with you to get the best possible outcome you deserve. Our spinal injury solicitors UK are highly experienced and having them on your side can make your claim process easier.

We put your needs first when we work with you. Our team can help you take court action but will first work out a settlement out of court

Spinal injury UK cases are directly processed by our legal partners and team of experienced solicitors. Their goal is to fight for maximum compensation and all your entitlement.

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