November 03, 2021

Can I Sue My Doctor For Negligence?

The simple answer to this question would be yes. However, other medical professionals who played a major role in causing your harm including the hospital can also be sued. It is also possible to sue the doctor for negligence on behalf of a relative who lost their lives as a result of careless treatment.

Doctors have saved lives and have helped so many families to live healthier and better through their specialist care. Unfortunately, things may not always go well and you may wonder if suing your doctor will make any difference. Doctor negligence cases can be hard, especially when suing a hospital or a doctor you trusted for years. Contact our gp negligence solicitors as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Who Is My Doctor?

Your doctor is a general practitioner or physician you go to when you are ill. A lot of patients are rushed to the hospital through the emergency department while others are admitted through the waiting room. Generally, you go through a nursing evaluation and the entire treatment process can involve multiple doctors and other medical professionals.

When something goes wrong, most patients don't know who the negligent doctor is. It is very important to know who was at fault and which doctor caused you injury if you wish to bring a claim against them.

What Is Considered Negligence By A Doctor?

Negligence claims against doctors can arise from several medical errors that could be avoided with careful treatment. Professional negligence in medical practice can lead to devastating consequences for the doctor when they decide to sue for negligence. Whether you're suing the NHS for emotional distress or suing a hospital for emotional distress, you can get compensated if you can establish doctor negligence.

Medical negligence claims against doctors come in different forms, and all cases are unique. Examples of medical negligence by doctors include but not limited to, negligent referral, Early Discharge, Wrong site surgery, Failure To Diagnose, Misreading Test Results, Poor Aftercare, Improper medication, Ignoring Patient’s History.

Common Reasons Doctors Are Sued for Medical Negligence

Suing a doctor if my doctor is not helping me can be very expensive especially if you don't qualify for a no win no fee or legal aid. If you wish to sue for medical malpractice please seek legal advice from medical negligence experts. On the other hand, if you're suing nhs for negligence or suing a hospital for negligence you have to do it with the right medical malpractice uk specialist solicitors because this is your best chance of making.

Don't go ahead with any doctor claims without legal help. Contact our hospital negligence team today for free initial consultation. Below are common reasons doctors and other medical professionals are sued for medical negligence uk.

  • Misdiagnosis Mistakes
  • Medication Mistakes
  • Surgical Mistakes
  • Obstetrics Mistakes
  • Treatment Mistakes
  • Improper Monitoring Of Patients

Can You Sue A Doctor For Misdiagnosis?

Patients often wonder if they can sue their GP if their treatment goes wrong. The answer to this question is a big Yes. Don't Be Afraid To Sue Your Doctor! Misdiagnosis itself is a form of medical negligence, so it's possible to sue a private gp or a hospital for misdiagnosis. Making a lawsuit against a hospital for misdiagnosis can be tough, but that is where we come in.

As specialists in gp negligence claims, we can take on your case on a no win no fee basis as soon as we confirm your eligibility. We understand that suing someone you once entrusted your well-being to can be difficult. If you have any doubts regarding medical negligence and the possibility of suing the NHS for misdiagnosis, contact the solicitor to discuss your doctor negligence case.

Can You Sue If Surgery Goes Wrong?

A perfect outcome is not guaranteed during surgical procedures. The treatment you receive from a family doctor is usually fantastic and for years you don't need to complain about them. But the unexpected can happen and a surgery goes wrong resulting in damage. As a negligent doctor or surgeon, a patient can sue you for unnecessary surgery compensation or if surgery goes wrong.

Can You Sue The NHS For Negligence?

It can be frustrating to determine who is liable and who you could share your concerns with when things go wrong during your treatment at the NHS. Most doctors may not be directly employed by the NHS, but only have a contract to provide NHS services for a period of time. They also employ their own medical staff and therefore any complaints can be made directly to the GP who employed them.

How To Prove Doctor Negligence?

If you think you have a valid medical negligence claim, our lawyers will investigate your case and also help you to contact an expert medical witness to evaluate your claim. However, you will be required to further prove your claim by showing a few elements.

To Prove doctor negligence, an affected patient must establish that a medical professional or healthcare provider acted in a negligent manner while providing treatment and as a result you were injured. The following must be proven:

  • A Duty Of Care To The Patient.
  • A Breach In The Duty Of Care.
  • An Injury Resulted Due To The Breach Of Duty.
  • Resulting In Damages Or Loss.

How To Report A Doctor UK?

If you're unhappy with the poor treatment you received from your doctor or surgeon, you can report them to the NHS or private hospital where you received the negligent care. Surgeon negligence and doctor malpractice lawsuits can be hard, but reporting a doctor or a hospital is the first thing you should do when you suspect your condition was made worse due to negligent treatment.

So, how do you report a doctor for medical malpractice even if it's the first time he's letting you down? A certain level of care is required for all medical professionals. If a doctor doesn't provide this standard of care, you can take action against them. Depending on what you desire to achieve by reporting an nhs doctor, there are various options to making a complaint.

  • You can report your doctor by using the NHS complaints procedureli>
  • You may decide to take legal action, but first seek legal advice.
  • You can report your concerns to your GP’s regulatory body.
  • You can report to a local health service after obtaining relevant medical records.

Common Reasons To Report Your Doctor and what you can complain about May Include:

  • Incorrect treatment.
  • Consent issues.
  • Unnecessary delay in diagnosis or treatment.
  • Lack of patient confidentiality.
  • Unnecessary delay in giving you your test result.
  • Ignoring the important symptoms of your condition.
  • Discrimination.
  • Bad Communication
  • Medical negligence that leads to your personal injury.
  • Your doctor didn't give you proper pain relief.
  • Unprofessional behaviour by other staff during your surgical procedure.
  • Mistakes in medical records.
  • Loss of medical information.
  • Referral Issues.
  • Delays in communicating to other specialists.
  • Refusal to prescribe your drug.

How Long Do You Have To Sue For Medical Negligence?

The severity of the injury or damage will determine how long to sue for medical negligence or medical malpractice. Normally, you have up to three years to bring a lawsuit or sue a medical doctor or other healthcare professionals for negligence.

Suing a hospital for medical negligence requires you to seek expert medical negligence advice. Dr malpractice claims can be really tough without the right legal assistance. If you want to find out more about how to sue a hospital or a doctor for negligence, get in touch with our medical negligence lawyers.

How Long Can You Wait To Sue For Malpractice?

We recommend that affected patients should report immediately they become aware of the harm done to them. Before you sue for medical malpractice or sue the nhs ensure you have made a formal complaint. One exception though is that claimants who are below eighteen can do so from their 18th birthday until they are 21 years.

There is no time limit for victims who do not have the mental capability to make a claim, until they are mentally fit again. We understand you’ve been through a lot and are here to ensure we pursue justice on your behalf. The best part is that if you have a strong claim, our team of experts can help you bring a successful negligence claim against your doctor.

How Much Does It Cost To Sue Someone UK Especially A Negligent Doctor?

It is understandable when claimants become worried about funding their medical claim. Don't worry even if it's you first time to make a claim because our expert medical negligence solicitors are available to discuss the most suitable funding option for you. Although most of our medical negligence cases are handled on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, which is a conditional fee arrangement between you and your solicitor.

If your medical negligence claim is successful, your legal fees will likely be paid by the guilty party, that is the NHS Trust or the medical professional liable for your injuries. Under a no win no fee agreement, you will pay a percentage of your compensation award to cover all legal costs, usually about 25% of the final compensation settlement you receive.

How To File A Medical Malpractice Claim?

How do I sue a hospital or it's staff? A lot of patients seek answers to these questions. If you're thinking about bringing a medical negligence or malpractice claim against a doctor, you'll need to go through some procedures to file a claim. Even though you have a basic knowledge on how to sue nhs for misdiagnosis or all other medical malpractice uk claims, you need legal guidance from an experienced lawyer. If you strongly believe you have a valid first seek legal advice from a specialist solicitor.

  1. Speak To A Medical Malpractice Solicitor.
  2. Gather All Your Medical Records.
  3. File A Complaint To The Health Care Provider Or The NHS.
  4. Report To A Local Ombudsman.
  5. Comply with Pre-Action Protocol Requirements.
  6. File the Medical Malpractice Complaint.
  7. Taking Legal Action.
  8. Negotiating Settlement.

Why Choose Nhs Negligence Claim For My Doctor Negligence Claim?

If you've been wrong by your doctor or suffered as a result of medical negligence, we are here for you. We offer advice to victims who are looking to claim NHS compensation against negligent doctors, dentists, surgeons and other medical professionals.

If your medical care has gone wrong, Contact our GP negligence solicitors as soon as possible to discuss your case. Call us today at 0800 999 3372 to begin Instant, No Obligation Advice From Experts.

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