March 17, 2021

What Is The Average Payout For NHS Negligence UK?

When it comes to suing the NHS for medical negligence there is no set amount that will be awarded as it will vary on across cases. You can gain a rough estimate of how much a claim may be worth by researching similar cases to your own but there are a number of factors that come into play when you are going ahead with bringing forward a claim for compensation from the NHS. In the UK, experts have estimated that the average claim will settle somewhere around the £50,000 mark. If you have suffered from negligence are looking for NHS Negligence Solicitors who are able to obtain the most out of your claim then contact us today and we can start working towards the compensation you may be entitled to.

What different types of NHS claims are there?

To bring forward a claim there has to be an injury or a pre-existing condition that has worsened due to the actions of medical negligence not meeting the acceptable standard of care. Below are a few examples NHS Negligence Claims and the average UK payout for them:


A Medical Misdiagnosis is when a victim has been presenting the symptoms of a condition over a period of time but is not diagnosed and treated. With certain cases this can result in the condition worsening and can for any injury someone may have sustained. Some misdiagnosis cases are much more severe than others. One of the most common cases is a misdiagnosis of cancer as depending on the length of the delay it could become a fatal affair as it may have spread or progressed to an aggressive stage.

With specific Cancer Negligence Claims some can settle at around £20,000 – £50,000 whereas others can settle for over £100,000 depending on the type of cancer the victim is suffering from, the stage it was eventually diagnosed at and the impact it has had on the person’s life.

Another severe misdiagnosis could be a delay in diagnosing a stroke which could result in damage for someone. If strokes are not diagnosed and treated within a specific time period the effect this could have on a person could be life changing and result in them looking into Brain Injury Compensation Claims. This is something our solicitors specialize in amongst all other types of misdiagnosis claims. If you or a loved one has been misdiagnosed and are seeking compensation, then contact us today.

Birthing/Pregnancy Negligence

There are a number of difficulties that can arise through pregnancies and the difference this can have to your family could potentially be life changing. From failures during the pregnancy to correctly monitor both child and mother to mistakes during childbirth, these are some of the most common claims people in the UK will bring forward. When it comes to Birth Injury Negligence these payouts can sometimes be rather large depending on the injury sustained.

For Example: If a baby has suffered from oxygen deprivation and has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy these cases can sometimes settle for upwards of £500,000 due to future costs. However for much less severe injuries these can settle for roughly £10,000 – £25,000 depending again on the extent of the injuries and the impact they do have.
Orthopaedic Negligence

An orthopaedic specialist will specialize in a wide range of injuries surrounding the bones in the human body. Common Negligence claims due to Orthopaedic negligence are failures to diagnose fractures/breaks as well as delays in performing surgery within a timely manner following a diagnosis as well as just general injuries during or following on from an operation. For some victims it may result in a prolonged recovery period whereas others may be unable to recover from the injuries due to the negligence and could result in a change of profession or leave some unable to work at all.

Orthopaedic Injury Compensation will consist of a sum amount compensating for the pain and suffering period, loss of earnings and the cost of future treatments and other implications involved. The average payout when suing the NHS for negligence relating to Orthopaedic injuries is around £50,000 when taking into account all aspects of compensation.

Spinal Injury

The amount of money awarded for Spinal Cord Injury Claims can be very different. The amount of compensation awarded in the most extreme situations, where there are substantial financial damages can exceed the £1 million mark. Some of the most severe spinal injury cases can be awarded between £200,000 and £300,000; moderately severe cases are between £150,000 and £200,000; moderate cases between £50,000 and £150,000. Spinal Injuries can result in some of the most devastating impacts of a victims life.

Some specific injuries can result in paralysis to limbs or the entire body as well as loss of bowel/bladder function. There are a number of negligent actions from a professional that can lead to spinal injury.

A delay in diagnosing severe conditions such as Cauda Equina Syndrome can result in the effects presented above as well as mistakes during surgeries when parts of the spine have been damaged. If you or someone you know has suffered from a spinal injury due to NHS Negligence, contact us today on 0800 999 3372 for a Free Assessment of your case.

What can I claim for?

You have the right to seek compensation for any injuries or damages you have sustained as a result of the negligent care you have fallen victim to. This can include things like:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Compensation for suffering and pain
  • Compensation if you are unable to participate in those sports or hobbies as a result of your continuing care
  • The cost of any additional treatment or equipment you may need, as well as the cost of adapting your home
  • Compensation for psychological damage
  • Travel costs

If you have succumb to financial loss due to the examples above and you are looking to bring a NHS claim then contact us today on 0800 999 3372 or submit an enquiry on this website and a member of our specialist team will be in contact to help you on How to Sue the NHS for the compensation you deserve..

How do I bring Forward a Claim for Compensation?

If you are looking to bring forward a NHS Clinical Negligence claim there are a range of considerations that come into play to ensure that you can put forward and make the most out of your claim.

Our Medical Negligence UK experts are available to provide clinical assistance at any time for your case. With years of experience it can be guaranteed that the process will be simple, effective and professional for you on your journey.

To put a claim forward, certain conditions must be fulfilled. Our medical negligence specialists will assist you in proving the following:

  • Your medical professional’s duty of treatment fell short of the agreed requirement.
  • A Medical Professional’s treatment of you was in violation of the duty of care.
  • You have had a pre-existing condition worsen or have been injured as a result of this violation.

If you are asking the question “Can I Sue the NHS” and you meet the requirements above, then it is important you act fast and contact us as soon as possible to start your claim today.

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What Is the Duration of My Compensation Claim?

There is no fixed deadline for cases to be resolved. Of course, this is due to the fact that each case is unique. This ensures that our specialist solicitors treat each and every case with the utmost care and commitment, ensuring that all clients who pursue Medical Negligence NHS claims have the best possible chance of success. All cases are completed in a detailed and systematic manner. Depending on a case’s complexity, some may be completed in a matter of months, while others can need more in-depth investigations.

Is there a time period?

There is a three-year time limit for filing a lawsuit for Medical Negligence. This time period will begin either when the injury occurs or when they are informed that their injury or condition is deteriorating. The following are the only two exceptions to this rule:

Mental Capacity

There is no time limit if a family member has severely diminished or no mental capacity and is unable to file a lawsuit. This can be determined by the level of treatment required, such as 24-hour care.


If anyone under the age of 18 has been injured, they have a three-year cycle to sue for compensation which begins on their 18th birthday essentially giving them till their 21st birthing to claim.

If you and wondering on How Do I Sue a Hospital contact us today on 0800 999 3372 or submit an online enquiry and one of our legal advisors will be able to help you make the first steps to claiming the compensation you could be entitled to.

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