March 29, 2023

Woman With Paralysis Raises Funds To Support Other Patients

The woman Debbie Playford, 40, who lives in Ackworth near Wakefield, suffers paralysis from the waist down after a spinal injury in March 2021. She has since been confined to a wheelchair.

She was admitted to Pinderfields after the injury and then transferred to the Dewsbury Stroke Neuro Rehab ward - which is based at Dewsbury and District Hospital on Halifax Road where she spent two weeks being taught how to cope with her disability before she was discharged.

But in January this year, Debbie suffered stroke symptoms and lost the use of her right arm. She was bedridden and taken back to the Stroke Neuro Rehab ward, where she has been for more than two months.

She discovered after careful observation and speaking to staff members that the Rehab does not receive regular funding to support patients during their stay. She then decided to bring a much-needed change.

Although she is still recovering from her own injury, Debbie is dedicating herself to raising funds to support other patients. She plans to raise about £1,000 which will be divided between Dewsbury Stroke Neuro Rehab and Aspire- i is a charity which supports over 50,000 people living with spinal cord injuries in the UK.Funds going to the Stroke Neuro Rehab will help provide support for the patients.

Here is what Debbie had to say;“With the fundraising it makes me feel like I am still doing something, because I don’t like not doing anything. It is very easy just to sit and worry. A lot about being on the Stroke Neuro Rehab ward isn't just about your physio, it's mental well being as well. I have found that there are a lot of times where when patients are just sitting, there is not much for them to do.”

“It is very lonely and when you are sitting in pain on your own, your pain absorbs you. Whereas if you have something to focus your mind on it helps you manage your pain more. Obviously, thisThis is just short-term funding, but it would be wonderful if a charity could support them long-term. If we could raise £1,000 that would be amazing, but if we could get more than that it would be brilliant because the funding here will soon run out. You never know what's around the corner and it is nice to know that if you go to a place like this that there is full support.”

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