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Charity Says that Women are two times more likely to Die from Asthma Attack

May 13, 2022

Not long after having her son, Lisa Hall was diagnosed with asthma and it is a source of worry to her as she thought she will not be healthy enough to care for him. Figures which suggest that asthma kills twice as many women as men also showed that 180,000 women in Wales suffer from the co...

NHS Ranks Second Worst in World Healthcare League Table

May 09, 2022

In a report released by Civitas think-tank, France, Spain, Germany and Japan all outranked the UK on healthcare quality with only the US being worse because it spends far more on health per capita. With pressure increasing and NHS waiting lists now at a record high 6.2million, the report s...

NHS Resolution Claims Report on Death & Severe Injury due to Medical Negligence

May 02, 2022

The NHS Resolution, has published its report into medical negligence claims at emergency department (ED or A&E) arising from patients’ deaths and life-changing injuries. The report named ‘High value and fatality related claims’ is one of the three thematic reviews into compensation claims br...

Baby's Sepsis Death: Hospital Admits Negligence

April 28, 2022

After a 10-day-old baby died due to sepsis, the NHS Trust has admitted negligence over its failings. The hospital accepted clinical negligence over the quality of maternal care given which led to the death of the baby. The baby Kingsley Olasupo and his twin sister Princess were born on 8 April 2019 at Roya...

East of England Ambulance Services Face 20 Hours Delay

April 22, 2022

Ambulance services are now taking longer than before to get to some patients. According to a staff member, the East of England Ambulance Service is taking up to 20hrs to get to some non-critical patients. Unison said that ambulance staff were being “battered” and “put through the wringer”, while the N...

MDO Warns That GPs Could be Liable for Hospital Specialists' Advice Under A&G

April 18, 2022

In the past GPs had warned about the implications of managing more complex patients via A&G where specialist advice is given to GPs by telephone or IT platforms instead of referring patients for a hospital investigation. However, we have learnt there is now a confusion about who should bear the brunt for the ...

NHS Trust Investigation Reveals 300 Babies Left Brain Damaged or Died due to Avoidable

April 12, 2022

The hospital under scrutiny is the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital which is one of the sites run by Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust after there have been allegations of poor maternity care and baby deaths at the facility. According to reports, 300 babies died or were left brain damaged due to unnecessary mistakes ...

According to a Survey, Over 80% of UK GPs Believe that Patients are at Risk in their Surgery

April 08, 2022

In the UK, over 80% of GPs think patients are at risk in their surgery, according to a new survey. The factors listed as contributing to this include- lack of time, staff shortages and heavy workloads. In a survey that had 1,395 GPs participating showed that only 13% said their practice was safe for patients al...

A new report has Laid bare NHS's multi million pound blunders

April 05, 2022

In a report highlighting some of the biggest payouts for NHS A&E errors, the reasons for high profile blunders in the emergency departments have been made public. NHS Resolution made critical findings into compensation claims relating to emergency departments in England include 16 cases where settlement fees of ...

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